Cryptic cup

The off the grid
cryptic crossword game

Two colors, two modes

Cryptic Cup provides two different modes, Solo and Contest.

Solo, a cryptic story

Start with a free challenge or buy a paid one and sharpen your cryptic crossword skills.

solo-cryptic-1 solo-cryptic-2

Contest, a global race

Test your skill with fortnightly challenges with the online cryptic crossword community

contest-1 contest-2

A cryptic extravaganza

The one stop shop for all of your modern cruciverbalist needs. An app that moves the age old Cryptic crossword out of the grid and into the cloud. Ranked top word games to play by GameKeys



Compare your performance with those of other players and improve yourself every contest


All the info you need

Get detailed info on your performance and when your favorite contests start.


Question list

Don't have the answer yet? We've got you. Use the question list to scan all the clues and answer the ones you already know.



The AHA! moment of solving the clue. Can anything beat that ?

Cryptic and fun

Sharpen your cryptic crosswords skills and pit yourself against cruciverbalists from all over the world.

Cryptic cup